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Expertis started as an electronic and embedded systems development consultancy company; and with that as our foundation we grew to a multidisciplinary services company as our partners' and market's complexity demanded.

We now pride ourselves in accomplishing more than 23 years of doing what we love: applying and creating the best technology for our partners. Enjoying the creative process leads us to exceed their expectations while helping them reach their goals.



Disciplines are tools, the means to reify your idea. We seek to master each one, but more importantly we must absolutely be superb in how we combine them. EXPERTiS is like a product and technology development kitchen. We are recipe creators, disciplines are our ingredients and our award-winning development process is our technique. But the flavor of the dish is in your head, and you can be sure we will come up with the perfect recipe for cooking it. And even though you will be able to replicate the recipes without us, you can be sure we will always find new great ingredients to make your dish unique.

We know you are busy. Investing your time in writing recipes is not your business. You want to eat the market and make your ideas available to your customers as fast as possible. So, don’t get misled by a low cost that will make you spend all your time on writing recipes and directing the cookers. Cost is important, but more important is to have trustworthy partners committed to your idea that will accelerate the “time to market” of your product.



Because we love it! We love making hi-tec, revolutionary, impressive products. Our motivation is making our partners competitive, to stand out in their markets, and at the edge of technology. As engineers we have a problem solving vocation. We find growth opportunity in every challenge, in every circuit, and every new project. For us, it's always fun to work new ingredients for new recipes, and reach our end goal: to please our partners.



We provide product development, product fulfillment and some other complementary services that include several disciplines (algorithm, mechanical, industrial design development). We may not have all of them, but we are constantly increasing our skill set based on the cutting-edge of technology to accomplish our partners’ products requirements. Part of our goal is to help our partner expand his vision so the final result exceeds his starting expectations.

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