Embedded Hardware and Firmware Design

Need a highly knowledgeable and experienced team ?
Our competitive advantage is the vast application experience covering the entire market range from concept to manufacture.

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Product Development

Do you have a great product idea?
We can support you all the way
from concept to manufacture.

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Tailored Products

You have not been able to find a solution that
fits your needs?

We can make a tailored product that makes
what need just as your need it to do it.

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Embedded Hardware and Firmware Design


EXPERTiS is an engineering design services company with has 20 years of experience in electronic and embedded product development. Over 200 products for diverse markets are behind our staff expertise. We can provide a one stop full product development that covers the entire cycle from concept to production controlled by our award winning process. Support your engineering staffing resource demanding projects or when a certain experience is not normally required among your staff.


Specification from concept

Architecture design

Hardware design

PCB design

Prototyping and validation

Design industrialization

Industrial-Mechanical design

Reverse engineering

Product management




Architecture design

Embedded programming



Legacy platform maintenance

Legacy platform migration


Product Development


If you have a great new idea for a product, we can help you with the entire development process, from concept to production using our well proven process and leading edge electronic and embedded technologies experience. Focus on your market; we will focus on transforming your idea in to an innovative product. EXPERTiS was born to develop products; our design process has been proved over the years giving our clients the right leading edge solution.


Our services include

Product conceptualization

Hardware Design

Firmware & Software

Industrial Design

Prototype Manufacture

Product Manufacture

Manufacture Supervision


Tailored Products


From feasibility to product specification, our technological knowledge and diverse market experience can assure you a successful kickoff of your project. Our engineering team first goal is to understand our client needs business model and market. Since we establish long term relationship with our clients, our philosophy is to walk by your side since the first project as its technological partners.

Our services include

Product conceptualization

Product development

Reverse Engineering

Industrial Design

Prototype Manufacture

Product Manufacture

Product Support


Electronic and embedded system design

Boards, wires and chips

As our older line of expertise, we have vast experience with the most popular MCU’s and MPU’s on the market.

Desktop, mobile and cloud software development

Soft stuff

Partners, and their always demanding needs, require that their physical products interact with the environment and their customers' tools.

Algorithm development

Numbers and signs

We know... math can be boring for many. But for us, is a wonderful tool that allows us to use things in ways never imagined.

Mechanical design

Hard and heavy

Products are objects: they have size, weight and volume. Based on experience, we have come to recognize the importance of incorporating mechanical design into our portfolio.

Industrial design

Pretty things

From sight, love is born... sight and functionality. Aesthetics is a very important aspect of your product, but also is its usability, maintainability and manufacturability.

Manufacture test

No issues

One thing is to make a device, and a very different is to create a high quality product that can be repeatable, cost effective and that arrives to your customer at its best performance.

Product Fulfillment

The whole enchilada

No idea or interest dealing with in-house or contract manufacture? We can ship your idea, packaged and wrapped up so you can satisfy your demanding customer.

Reverse engineering

Is that legal?

Sometimes a corps needs to be revived. Reverse engineering is the art of decrypting and improving what others have done in the past, a way of admiring and honoring their creation.



We sell product designs and our compromise is to maintainability and expansion of your product base, also you can have the confidence we are always available and that we have years of experience are behind us. Taking a product to market is really more than knowing how to program a microcontroller or design a printed circuit. You can see us as your own embedded design or product development team.
Yes, and it has won an award. Since is part of our competitive advantage. If you want to know more about our process, please contact us.
Basically, is TIME. Our experience engineers can help you have a product in weeks. If you are an OEM but your field is not electronics or embedded (an even if it is), this is the right solution for you. You can focus on sales, marketing or the core of your product, leaving all the embedded stuff to us. We believe that 90% is built from your idea, electronics and embedded technology always changes and is our job to follow up.
No. You can enter and leave stages and omit some of the steps. Basically this is a cost and type of project issue. Our sales people will help you get the most with your budget. Over the years we have learned that omitting steps of the process can lead to more costly iterations.
Yes. Almost all the process steps can be offered like an independent service, like product definition, printed circuit board design to name a few.
Yes. We can supply you with software design service with some of our alliance companies with the benefit you will only have to deal with one company. We also design software in house for test bench and internal tools and sometimes very specialized hardware oriented software applications.
If you require a one time or very low production level, we can take care of all with out you getting involved in the process. We call these turnkey solutions in witch the final client receives finished products. Basically we recommend this when you are not going to sell the product that is, when you are the final client/user of the product.
Low production, prototype levels are done in-house, for medium or high volume production, we rely in our alliance companies with the benefit you will only see us as the supplier. When the moment comes we will present to you several alternatives to choose from and we will aid you during the process.
Yes. Some of our projects have to do with helping our clients with technology selection and integration's so you can hire us as technology consultants.
We can help you in the following:
  • Technology oriented business plan definitions
  • Telecommunications systems selection.
  • Embedded design
  • Electronic design evaluation
  • Patent reviews and creation
  • System level definition
  • Design reviews/upgrades
  • New technology evaluation
The above to name a few. We have engineer's experts in many fields and a ring of external consultants if you have special needs.
Since you are hiring us for a service, all the intellectual property is yours. We can only claim authorship of all the new ideas developed for your product but you maintain the ownership if you decide to pursuit a patent of an idea or copyright from a firmware/software. The idea of the product is yours from the beginning.
Yes. If you hired us for product development and in some cases turn key solutions you will receive all the information related to the product, that is source code, documentation, design files and if you want, even the whole project directory including internal documents related to it. It is our idea that the client returns to us because we made a great job, not because we retained all the information as some companies or freelancers usually do.
Yes, EXPERTiS is known in Mexico by all semiconductor manufacturers. We have also established a close relationship with distributors and reps from the primary brands. We are not married with any particular brand and we try to offer the best technological alternative to our clients so all certifications and alliances are based upon this basic principle.